Prenatal massage

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Postnatal massage

Delivering a child is a major event, physically and mentally, no matter how your little one arrived. Weight and its distribution is quickly changed, and brestfeeding, carrying, lulling, lack of sleep and hormones might take its toll.

It is common to feel tense and tired in shoulders, back and neck (and a vareity of other places). When spedning most of you days taking care of others, its also important to remember to take extra good care of yourself. Treat yourself to a welldeserved break!

Postnatal massage is classic massage adjusted to the postpartum woman. You and the therapist decide and agree on what areas are to be massaged, focusareas and at what pressure. If required, and something many women like, we use the prenatal massage cushion- set wich has extra space for belly and breasts.

Prenatal massage

Prenatalmassage is classic massage adjusted to the pregnant woman.

During pregnancy the body undergoes great changes. Even if most happen gradually they have an effect. Alongside the growing belly, naturally, most gain weight, and the distribution of weight changes. Hormonal changes makes ligaments looser and more elastic. This occurs for the pelvis to be able to widen during birth, and happen in all women to a varying degree. Pelvic pain is common and while some hardly notice it, others might struggle to walk. Other common pains and aches are lower backpain, tense shoulders and tired legs and feet.

Techniques from classic massage are adjusted, as well as you position on the massagetable. When possible, we use a special prenatal cushion-set on the table wich enables you to lay on your stomache. This depend on how far along you are, size of your stomache and most importantly, what feels comfortable for you.

N.B Massage is not recommended in the 1.trimester

30 min450 kr
45 min580 kr
60 min730 kr
75 min890 kr
90 min1070 kr
120 min1430 kr

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