Classic massage

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Classic massage

Classic massage can be useful if you need help with a specific pain/injury or just want to relax.

We use organic oils and work directly on the skin.Together with your therapist you decide focusarea(s) and how much pressure to be used.

You can also book a combination treatment, either osteopathy/massage or physiomassage. If you have a private healthinsurance some treatments may be included. For more information read more here..

Duo-massage: many people ask us if we offer duo-massages. Given availability we can offer two(three) people treatment at the same time, but not in the same room. Each person book their own treatment online. If you have questions or need help with booking please contact us .

Classic massage
30 min450 kr
45 min580 kr
60 min730 kr
75 min890 kr
90 min1070 kr
105 min1260 kr
120 min1430 kr
Osteopathy / Massage
45 min580 kr
30 min490 kr
45 min640 kr
60 min850 kr

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